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Shopify is the most popular platform for e-commerce businesses, but it has some limitations, such as:

  • dependence of the site visual on the choice of theme;
  • there is no flexible ability to change the layout of the site.

If you already have a website on Shopify or you need one there, but want to have your own design and not depend on the limitations of the theme – there is a unique solution: create the front end of your store in Webflow and have Shopify as a backend with all its tools, such such as a customer database, payment systems, etc.

tasks that I can solve

  • Responsive and accessible layout in Webflow for store in Shopify;
  • API integration, set up automatization;
  • Writing custom functionality using JavaScript or jQuery for calculator, multi-step quiz, etc.

• The process

main implementation steps



We discuss the details of the project, identify the task and your needs.



I review all in detail and provide you with a fixed-price-breakdown for each page and a timeline for the project.



This stage includes all the steps of creating a web design, from research to preparing the design for development.


Sync with Shopify & WEBFLOW

This stage includes all stages of website development in Webflow and connecting it to Shopify using API.



Once the website has been put through final testing, I will connect your domain and launch your new website on your desired date.



I provide you with post-30 day launch support and a library of personalized tutorials on how to use your new website so that you are well equipped to take control of the website.

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Free website audit




Is your website not meeting your expectations and not delivering the results you want? Let me give you a free audit of your website and help you identify opportunities for improvement.

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Design & Development (full package)

Web design

Webflow development


The initial allure of your web presence is invariably shaped by its design, an impression further solidified by an intuitive and meticulously considered interface. From the genesis of the design phase, I am already envisioning the eventual functionality that will be woven into the stage of development. This is pivotal because if a client is captivated by your website, their next logical step is to engage with your services or complete a purchase.

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