Tatiana Florentseva

freelance web designer & webflow developer _

• About me

I am a web designer and Webflow developer. In my work I adhere to minimalism and details – modern but not limited by trends.

My goals when creating websites are:    

  • functionality;
  • elegance;
  • adaptability;
  • durability.

• Services

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Website design & Re-design in Figma




Your website embodies your business's image and serves as a platform for self-branding. It must exude allure, offer user-friendly navigation, align with your industry, and fulfill specific criteria. Typography and modularity, exacting style, and comprehensive aesthetics are crucial. Every facet is significant, impacting user engagement and behavior.

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Website development in Webflow




I develop websites with a “clean” layout and individual solutions for each project. In my work I use popular technologies to solve tasks “without crutches”. In addition to low-code development on Webflow, I also write custom functionality using JavaScript, JQuery, CSS. The websites I created are easy to maintain and modify.

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Design & Development (full package)

Web design

Webflow development


The initial allure of your web presence is invariably shaped by its design, an impression further solidified by an intuitive and meticulously considered interface. From the genesis of the design phase, I am already envisioning the eventual functionality that will be woven into the stage of development. This is pivotal because if a client is captivated by your website, their next logical step is to engage with your services or complete a purchase.

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Webflow frontend for Shopify store

Web design

Webflow development

API integration

Want a beautiful visual for your Shopify store without having to buy new themes, migrate data to another platform, or use Shopify functionality as a back-end? Easily! I can create for you the front-end of your store on Webflow, connect it via API to your store on Shopify and you can make any changes to the design in a convenient interface and in the shortest possible time.

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Free website audit




Is your website not meeting your expectations and not delivering the results you want? Let me give you a free audit of your website and help you identify opportunities for improvement.

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Technical support

Filling content



Delegate the routine work of technical support for your site, be it filling it with content, updating current content, or adding new sections and pages. Transparent payment system using the Time & Material.

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